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Power vs Money!

Now I want to finish this week by bringing in Frank Underwood from House of Cards. I am completely addicted to the show and the character that Kevin Spacey portraits in this awesome TV show. I definitely believe that money is a means to … Continue reading

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Income vs Expenses

A lot of focus is put on expenses and how to save your money by creating a budget and cutting costs. “Follow these 10 steps to cut your expenses”. “Having a cheaper life”. “How to travel cheap”. Don’t get me wrong … Continue reading

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Goals for 2015

This blog just came about to fulfill a life goal of financial freedom. The freedom from working 9-5 work weeks, that often include overtime. The freedom to leave the corporate world and work for myself. The freedom to help me and … Continue reading

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Financial freedom to geographical freedom.

For most of us, life is generally based around work and where you live. You get static in the place you are. You work and live in the same area. Sure, you can always travel for a week or two a … Continue reading

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My net worth

What am I worth today? Can I put an amount on my life? If you liquidate me tomorrow, literally, what would be left other then my headphones and awesome lether jacket? Well, there are many different ways of calculating your … Continue reading

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The long road ahead.

For me it’s simple. I want to be financially free to do whatever I want with my life. Monday morning for me starts with me wishing that the weekend wasn’t over yet. After pressing snooze a couple of times I … Continue reading

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Why this blog?

This blog is something that’s been on my mind for a quite some time. Like many other out there I’ve been hooked on the personal finance blogs out there telling us how “easy” it would be to achive financial freedom. … Continue reading

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