Why this blog?

This blog is something that’s been on my mind for a quite some time. Like many other out there I’ve been hooked on the personal finance blogs out there telling us how “easy” it would be to achive financial freedom. The idea of trying to do this myself was born. To retire well before my golden years. To have freedom to do whatever I want and shake of the shackle of working for a large corporation. To get a big pile of F**k you money.

It started back in 08 when a good friend borrowed me a copy of Rich dad, poor dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It made me want to start investing in assets and in myself. I was still in college when I read it and had no income to speak of. I did throw in some saving in the stock market though, planing to do a killing with some day trading. That plan ended quite quickly, it wasn’t a complete disaster, but enough for me to reconsider.

A couple of years later, I had some money saved from working. It wasn’t that much, but for me it was a fortune. What did I do with my pile of cash? I bought an apartment, just outside the city center. It took every little penny I had saved. It felt great to “own” my own apartment. I say own even though the bank supplied a hefty mortgage for me to start paying off.  But the feeling of accomplishment disappeared quite quickly as my bank account was back to a big fat zero, and I realized I was going to have to pay off this apartment for a long time if not the rest of my life. It made me start thinking about what I would want to do with my life. The prospect of working at an unfufilling job until my retirement, just to pay of the debt for something I wouldn’t really own, made me a bit depressed. I started to want a way out.

Alot of questions and doubt started to pop up in my head. I knew I needed to find a way out. An alternative to the road I was travelling. I started to find blogs out there writing about the same idea I was starting to formulate in my head. These blogs seemed to already have an answer to the frustrations I was starting to feel. I had ofcourse found the personal finance blog of the hall of famer Mr. Money Mustache. This blogger not only had an idea of getting out of the rat race, he had actually done it. At an early age to top it of. Ofcourse I was hooked. I wanted to do what this man had done. Maybe not following him in his exact footsteps, but have the courage to take a different journey. Now there are so many pf blogs out there. Some of them have already arrived at financial freedom or are in the middle of the transition. I love reading and following all these inspiring blogs, and finally decided that if they can do it, so can I.

This blog will help me visualize that goal, track any progress and keep myself accountible. I hope to share the journey and inspire people to join me in taking the steps to financial freedom. Maybe this will be my own little dent in the universe. I hope you will learn from my successes and failures. I want to encourage you to comment and add to this experience.


About financethingsinlife

I am an Investor, a gentleman, and a dreamer. My goal is to achieve financial independance thru investing and saving.
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