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Change brings opportunity.

So I’m at a point in my working career in which I feel a bit tired at what I’m doing. I have way to much un-interesting reports to do and nothing to really challenge me. Usually, this is when you should … Continue reading

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It’s a hardknock life for us!

So just wanted to quickly update the blog with a small post. I’ve been a bit busy lately with a renovation project. It’s a lot of hard work, but I’m making quick progress. The renovation is part of a possible … Continue reading

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The “Bulletproof” portfolio!

The “resist all storms” portfolio. The SGBC portfolio. I’d like to show that there are of course a different strategy of investing out there than the one I am using. For the more timid investor out there I would suggest … Continue reading

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Which basket should you put the eggs in?

How do you diversify your investments? The first step in investing is understanding what type of investments are available out there. It can be different depending on where you live and what kind of income you have. Although, in today’s market you … Continue reading

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My net worth March

So another month is over. March was cold and a bit uneventful on a personal level, other then a nasty cold that’ve kept me from working out the last two weeks. Alot happening at work but that’s for another post. … Continue reading

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The Liebster Award! My oh my.

Wow, The Liebster Award. First of I would like to thank Chasing Gains for giving me this nomination and a chance of answering his questions. I love the fact that this PF blog is able to connect me, a Swede, to another … Continue reading

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