My net worth March

So another month is over. March was cold and a bit uneventful on a personal level, other then a nasty cold that’ve kept me from working out the last two weeks. Alot happening at work but that’s for another post. Let us see how I fared money wise and if things are moving along the right way.

1. Apartment – 2.200.000 SEK ( 275.000 USD), No real change this month, trying to stay conservative even though the Real Estate market is blowing up in Sweden.

2. Cash – 48.600 SEK (5.720 USD), saved another 5.600 SEK this month.

3. Stocks – 222.000 SEK (28.125 USD), markets are going up and down this month – 3.000 SEK. April should bring some dividends for last years results, so I’m excited to see how much it will be. I estimated that it’s slightly above $1.000.

Total Assets: 2.470.600 SEK (308.825 USD) Not a huge change here, but atleast it’s going in the right direction.


1. Mortgage – 1.836.388 (229.500 USD) Monthly amortization of 2.200 SEK.

2. P-loan – 26.668 (3.333 USD) Monthly amortization of about 800 SEK

Total Liabilities:  1.863.056  (233.437 USD) Lowered another 3.000 SEK this month.

My net worth: 607.544 (75.943 USD). I increased my Net Worth this month with almost $1.000. It’s been a slow month. I hope to have added to this nr a lot more than I have so far. I think next month will be worse actually. The month includes an easter trip down to my family and friends. Also, I have plans to start renovating my apartment. That will cost me quite a few bucks. Even though I plan to do most of the work myself. I don’t mess with the electricity though. Stay tuned for an exciting renovation project.

Easter starts after today so I want to wish you all a happy Easter. May the easter bunny bring you lots of candy (That’t the Swedish tradition, I think we consume about 4 pounds/2 kg of candy during this holiday).


About financethingsinlife

I am an Investor, a gentleman, and a dreamer. My goal is to achieve financial independance thru investing and saving.
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5 Responses to My net worth March

  1. Good work during March of paying down debt. What do you have in Sweden that is similar to a 401k retirement account in the US?

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    • Thanks. Debt is something that I definitely will keep on paying down, but I’m not too scared of carrying a high debt at the moment. The interest rates are really low a t the moment. I think my mortgage currently is around 1,5 % interest expense.
      Regarding 401k, we don’t have anything similair to the 401k. Th eclosest thing I can think of is the “Tjänstepension”. It’s an agreement that get the company to pay in cash to your pension account. You then get to decide in which fund you would like to invest this into. I think that the list of funds available are limited and some are too expensive. What I should probably have highlighted before is that I don’t include my “pension” accounts in my net worth. Mostly because I can’t access this investment until I’m really old. I think if I add the pensions I’m already a SEK millionair. Which is great, but since I look at the pension as something that is locked I don’t want to add it to my assets side (I see it as a, congratulation you made it to 65 gift, since that’s when you can get it paid out wihtout any penelties).

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  2. Slow and steady, but good thing you are up for the month. Exciting to be renovating! Hope to see pics of the progress and that’s great you can do the work yourself.

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  3. ChasingGains says:

    Keep chipping away! Slow and steady wins the race, but looking really good so far 😀

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