Change brings opportunity.

So I’m at a point in my working career iChange brings opportunityn which I feel a bit tired at what I’m doing. I have way to much un-interesting reports to do and nothing to really challenge me. Usually, this is when you should start looking around for something else to do. I am not afraid of changing the company I work for as long as I see something more interesting out there. I don’t really believe that loyalty to a company is rewarded nowadays as much as it was before. The only persons interest you should think about is yourself, as no one else really will.

In this case, something interesting is happening. The change is coming to me, or rather, the company I work for. It has been sold to another major player in the same industry. This has led to an interesting opportunity for us. There will be a merge of the company and there will be a new organization structure. In this new structure there are some new roles in the finance department that I work in. What happened next is probably not a unique thing, but quite a oppertunity. We get to apply for our own jobs, in the new structure, but not only our own job, we can add another two jobs on a wish list and apply for them as well. Of course, it didn’t take me long to find two other roles that would be a step up for me. I have already had my interviews and I have to say that it sounds a lot more interesting compared to what I’m doing at the moment.

So change is happening to me at the moment. I have not yet heard back from the interview and I won’t hear much else until end of next week. Which will be a phone call from HR saying where they would like to put me, based on the interviews with the different managers. It could be that I will have to stay at my current role as I’m not sure that my manager will let me go. If that happens, I will have to make things change by myself.

The saying usually goes: Change brings opportunities, and in this case I would definitely agree. The sale of the company can be a painful thing as people will be let go, and things might end up differently with a new business culture. For me however, I always look for the opportunities it can present. While most people and in my case a lot of my co workers walk around and worry about their jobs and so on, I keep my ear to the ground to find where the opportunities lie ahead of me. I think a lot of people handle change differently and have more resistance to change. I understand the feeling, but my experience has been that you need to embrace the change. Things will always change and you can never really control it. Just think back a few years and try to remember what you had planed back then and how much of that plan that never came thru.

So what do you think about change? Is it a horrible and frightful thing? Or is it something you enjoy and long for both in your work and personal life? What is change for you? I think I’ve used the word opportunity about ten times above to describe my view on it.

PS. hopefully I will be editing this post in the near future with some updates on how the change went.


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I am an Investor, a gentleman, and a dreamer. My goal is to achieve financial independance thru investing and saving.
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6 Responses to Change brings opportunity.

  1. I definitely agree with your first paragraph. Loyalty isn’t rewarded from what I’ve seen.

    Congrats on the ability to interview for more interesting roles. I’m glad you weren’t picked as someone to get let go which can happen with a lot of M&A deals (unless they haven’t gone through that round yet). Either way if you don’t like the changes, you have the ability to go out and make them yourself. I’m glad you understand that! Some people expect the changes to just happen to them.

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  2. As long as we all play with the same rules, I don’t have any issues with it “just being business” when they need to fire people or relocate a position. That just means I can relocate to a different company as well.

    Thanks for the support Mr FF:


  3. We think change is both — exciting and terrifying! Good luck finding a position that’s a better fit for you.

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  4. fiercebacon says:

    i like your blog! good luck on this new chapter for you and your portfolio!

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  5. ChasingGains says:

    Hey financethingsinlife I hope you got the chance for the new job!
    As for what I think about change? It’s daunting and scary yet enjoyable all at the same time!


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