My net worth April

Updating my current net worth below. All I can say is that it’s been a hectic month with a lot of building going on with my current renovation. It’s taking up a lot of my time and leads to less posting on the blog, I would like to apologize for that. But for now, let’s move on to the numbers.

1. Apartment – 2.200.000 SEK ( 275.000 USD), I am currently on the fence on this one, I don’t know if I should add anything on this since I’m currently pouring in money into this apartment.

2. Cash – 10.500 SEK (1.300 USD), A lot of the cash has gone into the renovation. Almost 40.000  over the month on different expenses. I really don’t like seeing the money go, but at least it’s for a good cause.

3. Stocks – 219.468 SEK (27.771 USD), I recieved some dividend this month of about 1000 USD. But the stocks correct itself as soon as the dividends are paid out, and no major change happened during this month. A slight decrease in the value of around 3.000 sek. Nothing that lifts my eye brow.

Total Assets: 2.429.968 SEK (303.746 USD) So my total asset column went down a bit. Mostly caused by the cashflow going outwards to the renovation. I expect this will pay itself back later and then some. Lets continue.


1. Mortgage – 1.834.180 (229.272 USD) Monthly amortization of 2.200 SEK.

2. P-loan – 25.835 (3.229 USD) Monthly amortization of about 800 SEK

Total Liabilities:  1.860.015  (232.501 USD) Lowered another 3.000 SEK this month.

My net worth: 569.953 (71.244 USD).

Sad sad reading. My net worth has decreased this month around. A lot of it however is explained by the renovation I’ve started. It costs a lot to change a kitchen, knock down a wall and switch out the floors. Since I’m doing this myself I believe I’m saving almost 50 % by not using any contractors, so the numbers could be looking even worse if I did. So overall, not a great month but not to bad either. I’m definitely looking forward to finishing the renovation and take some much needed rest, both for my body and my cash flow.

How was your April?


About financethingsinlife

I am an Investor, a gentleman, and a dreamer. My goal is to achieve financial independance thru investing and saving.
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