Busy in May

Wow, it’s been a hectic month so far. There’s been a lot happening at work that required a lot of late nights as well as still working on the renovation of the apartment happening at the same time. It sometimes feel like nothing happens even though I spend a lot of my time in the apartment working as soon as I’m off from work. This has left very little time for posting on the blog, which I apologize for. Short term I won’t have much more time either but I will try to prioritize the blog a little bit more. Multi tasking for the win!

So this is a small post where I just wanted to update you that I’m still here. Just keeping focused on work, renovation and family life. Work is very busy and as you can read on previous posts, it’s something I’m not currently happy about. I really need a change in this. Family life is strained as a lot of time is spent at work or renovating. Of course I would love to spend more time in this column and the goal is to amend this as soon as possible. Renovation is still going forward. I plan to be done before the end of May. There will be smaller things that needs fixing over the year but all the major things should be done.

Other than being busy a lot I managed to take a long weekend over in London with the family which was great. It was a trip I planned in the beginning of the year and I’m glad I took it even though I had a lot to do at work. It was a well needed rest and taking some time away to enjoy some great beer and food is always appreciated.  My god there was some really awesome food in London, which was completely unexpected. I ate everything from Soul food that came from the US to Korean style chicken and dumplings. It almost ruined food completely for me as we don’t have the same type of food in Sweden. At least not where I usually go for dinner. That’s a business idea I’m willing to fund and implement if I was a better chef. I know it would be appreciated as Swede’s are really quick in adopting new and exciting types of food styles. It actually would make a lot of sense…..ops, I got a bit too involved with that idea (starting to investigate what t would take), and I really don’t have any time to even think about that possibility right now.

I wonder how many business ideas that have been discarded because of lack of time. I’m guessing a lot. There must be a bunch of people who like me have too much to do and to little time over. I guess that’s part of the reason I want to get FI so that I can spend time on doing exciting things that motivates me. I’m not sure it would be starting my own restaurant, but to have the possibility to do it is important to me. What kind of business would you start tomorrow if you could?


About financethingsinlife

I am an Investor, a gentleman, and a dreamer. My goal is to achieve financial independance thru investing and saving.
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  1. Good luck getting through your renovations. They are always so stressful, though certainly you’ll feel much more grounded when the work is complete.

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