My 2015 goals:

  • I want to increase my stock portfolio’s value with 150.000 SEK to 320.000 SEK. That’s roughly 38.000-40.000 $ (Wow, the value of the dollar is crazy right now).
  • I want a net worth of 850.000 SEK at the end of the year. (Roughly 95.000-100.000 $)
  • Find a new job. (I don’t feel motivated or challenged at work anymore)
  • Bench press 100 kg (about 220 lbs)
  • Run a 5 km in 22 min or less and 10 km in 50 min or less.
  • Learn salsa (what?)
  • Learn Spanish
  • Travel to London
  • Travel somewhere outside of Europe
  • Consistently blog for a full year

My life time goals:

  • Achieve Financial Freedom with an asset portfolio of 6.500.000 SEK
  • Have a net worth of $1.000.000.
  • Finally gather 10.000.000 SEK

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