The Income side of Life

The Income side of Life


First of all, these are all my personal views that I share with you. They are not based on any scientifically proven facts and should not be taken as such…they are just my views, so any decisions you make from this are of your own doing. That being said, I felt like gathering my thought on the income side of life in a more easily available format. I feel like the focus out there in the personal finance blog has been about cutting expenses and saving a lot of money. It’s been about taking a more frugal approach to financial freedom. I am of course not against this at all. We could all benefit from a bit of frugal living in our life. However, for me there are two sides on the road to financial freedom, the expenses and the income. Since most blogs out there (this one included) talks about expenses, we will try to cover the income side. So scroll down and lets see how we can increase your income sir.

The Income series: (coming soon)

  1. Incoming cash
  2. I encourage double dipping
  3. Loyalty above all else (To yourself of course)

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